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Volunteer Opportunities

TBS needs your help! We want to expand our efforts to spread bluebirds across Texas, but we need “a few good bluebirders” to make it happen. TBS has no paid positions—our programs, services, and products depend on your generous donations of time, effort, and money.

Volunteer positions may be short term, for specific events or activities, or ongoing programs.

Please contact Pauline Tom at ptom5678@gmail.com or (512) 268-5678 . Thank you!

Event Booth Staffer

Event booth staffer to man booth as scheduled at “One Nestbox” Event to exchange a membership form and payment for a nestbox; and, talk about bluebirds and TBS organization with attendees. (Knowledge about bluebirds is not necessary). See our upcoming events for volunteering opportunities.


Handyperson to build five sample Sparrow Spookers for “One Nestbox” event booths. See sialis.org building instructions.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artist to create documents (e.g., brochures and fliers) as needed.

Do you have another skill to offer? Please contact Pauline Tom, 512.268.5678 or pauline@texasbluebirdsociety.org